Kensington Palace – a history of Prince Harry and Meghan’s home

We’re not going to let the major Royal event of 2018 go without a mention!  Referring of course to the marriage of Prince Harry and

Portrait of King Charles II

How New Haven upset the Merry Monarch!

The Restoration man!  This is a portrait of King Charles II attributed to Thomas Hawker.  It is an oil on canvas, painted circa 1680 that

Coronation portrait of Elizabeth I

The first Queen of America!

Here is a glittering portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn – that you can see at the National

Exterior of the V&A in the afternoon sun

Highlights from the British Galleries, V&A Museum

The Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum in London is a triumph of Royal patronage, government foresight and public sponsorship spanning back to it’s inception after

Exterior of Horse Guards parade in the afternoon sun

Where 007 started out

This is one of a collection of buildings in Whitehall that was the centre of British naval power from the mid-1700’s to the 1960’s.  

Charger of Charles II

How to visit Buckingham Palace all year!

Think you can only visit the interior of Buckingham Palace during the summer months?   Wrong…   You can visit The Queen’s Gallery all year

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